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Restaurants of Siena

Recommended by Sangallo Park Hotel

The Sangallo Park Hotel Siena proposes a selection of restaurants and trattorie with good value for money, usually recommended to the hotel guests. Every restaurant offers traditional Tuscan cuisine or a revised one, according to the latest gastronomic trends, with a good cellar full of red wines of the Siena area, Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino. A short description of the restaurant helps to understand the atmosphere and the dishes that characterize it. In addition to useful information such as address, map and phone, you can also check the price range and the day of closing. You just have to try it!

Index of restaurants in Siena

Siena Restaurants GuideSee the page dedicated to a selection of the restaurants we suggest, in Siena and its surrounding area, for the good food, courtesy and good value for money. Just ask if you need our help to reserve your dinner to taste the food, the wine …the Italian way of living !